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Aligning With Your Ideal Future Self: Guided Meditation & Journaling Adventure!

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Future Self Guided Meditation and Workbook

Did you know that you can connect with your Ideal Future Self as a spirit guide in your journey to manifest your dream life?

Well you can! This mini course is designed to help you do just that!

Some of the most powerful archetypes you could ever work with in your manifestation journey are the ones that are simply versions of YOU.

The Ideal Future Self is one of my favorite archetypes to connect with, because it helps put me directly in alignment with the person I desire to become.

future self guided meditation workbook

In this mini course, you’ll receive access to my enchanting guided meditation recording to meet, connect with and learn from your own Ideal Future Self.

You’ll also get a beautiful printable workbook where you can write down the intuitive messages you receive from your Future Self, which will help you find your path to become this ideal version of yourself over the course of the next year.

Included also is a video workshop on how to use the Plant, Tend, Harvest, Compost manifestation method to recreate your life in alignment with the eight seasons of the Witch’s Calendar (The Wheel Of The Year), and a goal mapping workbook that helps you integrate your intentions into your real life.


I invite you to get instant access now, and to start your seasonal manifestation journey today!

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