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Manifesting With The Elements Meditation Bundle

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Master The Building Blocks Of Manifestation With Daily 10 Minute Guided Meditations

Manifesting With The Elements Guided Meditation Bundle

Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit

These are the building blocks of our reality, and without them, nothing you see or experience would be able to exist.

Esoteric law says that nothing can be made manifest without the supporting energy in each of the elements. The Alchemist’s quest is to master the elements within the self and channel that power out into the life you’re designing for yourself.

For as within, so without.

Five Elements And Pentagram

Here’s the great news: Harnessing the power of the elements and balancing their energies in your everyday life is now easy, fast and fun!

I’ve honed all of my years of wisdom from working with the Elements and channeled it into this set of 5 beautiful guided meditation audios – so that you can skip the tedious study and get right to manifesting a more fulfilling lifestyle with less than 10 minutes of meditation per day.

You can craft a simple daily practice by meditating with one element each week day, and then doing the overall Elemental Alignment meditation on the weekend… Or you can just feel into which element needs a little love each day and choose your meditation intuitively!

If you add these meditations to your daily practice, it’s insane now quickly you’ll see shifts manifesting in your life.

Afura Meditating With Candles

The elements are the building blocks for a successful, fulfilled life… but to harness them, we need to understand exactly how they actually form (and transform) our real life experiences on a daily basis…

Which is exactly what these meditations are the SHORT CUT for.


The Earth element is about getting grounded in your core desires and amping up your gratitude so become an energetic magnet to all the things that make you feel stable, grounded, secure and wealthy in life.

air element correspondences graphic by afura nefertiti

The Air element is about clearing out old BS (belief systems / bullshit) and reprogramming your subconscious mind to manifest your best life on autopilot. Its kind of like hypnotizing yourself into being a better you!

fire element correspondences graphic by afura nefertiti

The Fire Element is about releasing your past trauma and drama and transforming it into motivation to create real, empowering changes in your life.

water element correspondences graphic by afura nefertiti

The Water element is about juicing up your self love, self worth and compassion so that you can lead your life with love rather than fear, and recieve more fulfillment, love, grace, flow and ease.

spirit element correspondences graphic by afura nefertiti

The Spirit element is about making friends with your Higher Self so you can effortlessly channel epiphanies, answers, inspiration and direction as you live out your highest purpose and have fun in the process!

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I'm an artist and personal development guide. I'm the founder of The Writing Witch Shop and Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast. I inspire drifting dreamers and magickal mavens to use a unique combination of psychology practices and witchy wisdom to manifest their most fulfilling lifestyle through enchanting guided journaling adventures! By living in tune with the eight Seasons on the witch's calendar and balancing all areas of life through the wisdom of the five Elements, my goal is to help you empower yourself to live out your soul's most authentic expression. I believe that your biggest perceived weaknesses are actually your greatest super powers in disguise... And that magick is the power to write your own story. Your daydreams are a premonition of the reality you're meant to create when you step into your magick!