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Welcome to Alchemy Of Affluence Academy!

I’m Afura Nefertiti, your headmistress.

It’s my mission to show drifting dreamers like you how to combine ritual with personal development hacks to manifest your most fulfilling life!

It’s my belief that your fairytale fantasy is not a pipe dream, but a premonition of the reality you’re meant to create when you step into your magick.

I have made it my business to show by example that everyone deserves to manifest their dream lifestyle just by living in their fullest expression… Whether it means quitting your day job, or just finding your inner peace!

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Featured Course:

wheel of the year course

Are you inspired by the Wheel Of The Year, but having a hard time relating to the seasonal traditions other witches are posting about?

As “solitary witches,” we can sometimes struggle to find a sense of direction, because it seems like most other witches don’t resonate with our beliefs.

And we wonder if we’re even “doing it right,” because no one else seems to be on the same path we’re on…

Well, here’s the thing… everyone’s path is unique, and just because your intuition works differently from others doesn’t mean you’re any less “right” or less powerful than anyone else…

In fact, it could mean that you have a truly rare and special gift, path or purpose in the world, and obliging to follow the crowd is not going to aid you in fulfilling your highest potential.

printable samhain junk journal kit

Did you know that there are plenty of SUPER empowered witches (myself included) who connect with the energies of the seasons in their own unique way?

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re your OWN kind of witch, and you’re carving out your own path on a road less traveled by.

Sure, finding other witches who “get” you can be a super valuable experience… but if you haven’t found them, I want you to know that you are already whole.

You do not need anyone else’s validation in order to claim your own successful path as a wtich, pagan, or magickal practitioner.

What makes you a successful witch is not a coven of other witches who believes in you – it’s simply about cultivating the self love, self awareness and self confidence to follow your own intuition consistently.

woman writing in a journal on the beach

I know it can be hard to feel grounded when you’re lacking a sense of direction, or don’t have any supportive structure in which to feel safe exploring your magick.

I’ve been there, and that’s why I’ve been 100% dedicated to learning how to understand and trust my intuition for the past 8+ years.

It’s my mission to find the most simple, universal themes of The Craft, and to show other solitaries how they can create their own systems for success and fulfillment.

I’ve peeled back the layers of dogmatism from the witchy world, and have discovered a super simple system that helps solitary practitioners to continue growing our personal power and confidence year after year.

It’s as easy as becoming aware of the seasonal themes of the Witch’s Calendar, and doing a few insightful journal prompts every 6 weeks. I call it the “Plant, Tend, Harvest, Compost” cycle, and it’s an easy and EFFECTIVE way to craft a fulfilling life without feeling like an imposter, or feeling unsure of your steps.

And the best part is, this system both encompasses every important aspect of The Craft, AND allows enough freedom within the structure that witchy folk from all walks of life can customize it to serve their unique path.

printable lughnasadh junk journal kit

Do you desire to have…

  • A more “rational” way of understanding and explaining your own form of spirituality?
  • The confidence to call yourself a “witch” if you want to… Or just to be a magickal person without need for a label?
  • Unshakable trust in your own inner guidance system so you can make decisions with ease?
  • All the tools and mindset hacks you need to process through your life changes and challenges with grace and flow?
  • Clarity on what you want in life, and the ability to more consistently follow what’s truly most fulfilling for you?
  • Knowledge of what your core values are, what you love about yourself, and how you want to feel as you manifest your future?
  • The ability to authentically set intentions for yourself, and to set boundaries with others so that you can align with your soul’s purpose and fulfillment?

If this resonates with you, I’d love to invite you to embark on your own “year and a day” adventure to discover (or reconnect with) your unique magickal path. You’ll be gently guided in crafting your own personally meaningful traditions (and a beautifully customized grimoire along the way)!

printable wheel of the year grimoire pages

Your Book Of Seasons is a year long immersion into the Wheel Of The Year.

In this program, I’ll lead you along an intuitively guided adventure through the eight seasons of the witch’s calendar, crafting your very own “book of shadows” (or magickal journal) as you go!

Using my beautifully designed journal prompt pages, you will get to know yourself on a deeper level through the lens of the energetic themes of each season, uncovering your core values, core desired feelings, and hidden super powers.

Here at Alchemy Of Affluence, we know that our biggest challenges or perceived weaknesses are actually our greatest gifts in disguise, and this program will aid you in that empowering transformation!

Feeling inspired?

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