Meet The Headmistress

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Greetings magickal human!

I’m Afura Nefertiti Fareed, Headmistress of Alchemy Of Affluence Academy, and the artist behind the Writing Witch Shop.

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For the past 7+ years, I’ve been obsessed with exploring the realms of manifestation and personal development… with my own unique witchy twist!

I believe that magick is the power to write your own story, and alchemy is the art of transforming your biggest perceived weaknesses in to your greatest super powers…

And it’s my mission to do this for myself, as well as inspire others through my podcast, YouTube channel, journaling supplies and guided journaling adventures.

I’m so amazed again and again by the miracles I’m experiencing as I break out of old patterns and learn to understand and trust my intuition more and more each day! And I don’t take for granted how far I’ve come from the life I used to be living before I discovered my path…

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A few years back, I felt totally out of alignment with my Highest Calling.

I hadn’t yet discovered how to understand and intentionally craft my life using the Elements and Seasons.

Looking back, I can now clearly see how my Elements were out of alignment…

fire element correspondences graphic by afura nefertiti

Fire Element

I had so much passion and drive to make my natural gifts into a career, but I was totally burnt out and overwhelmed from trying to figure out how to brand myself on my own.

water element correspondences graphic by afura nefertiti

Water Element

I’d started doing yoga, meditating and doing rituals, but my self-worth game was sooo not on point, and I was stuck in patterns of co-dependent relationships. Ew!

air element correspondences graphic by afura nefertiti

Air Element

I’d had a spiritual awakening, but I found myself floundering in a sea of pagan and new age information overload! Scatterbrained with no sense of direction!


Earth Element

I was having a hard time #adulting, had a TON of negative money stories running my life, and I was the perpetual “starving artist.”

spirit element correspondences graphic by afura nefertiti

Spirit Element

I got sucked into that BS that spiritual people where meant to be complacent hippies, MacGyvering everything out of society’s hand-me-downs, and I had not quite gotten the “ask and you shall receive” memo…

Something HAD to change!

afura hiking at the eternal flame with fire and water elements

My Magickal Moment of Truth

One day, I decided enough was enough! I got tired of pretending I was “going with the flow” and said to the Universe:

“If I’m really meant to break the status quo and help the world through my creativity and compassion, then SHOW ME how to take care of myself so I can help make the world a better place for others!”

From that moment, miracles started happening! I began shifting from a victim mindset to a solution mindset.

I got the courage to search for a home, lifestyle, companions and career that were TRULY in alignment with a higher sense of self worth…

And just like magick, I happened upon the perfect apartment, community, and clients I needed at that time in my life!

magick quote by afura nefertiti fareed the writing witch

It was at that moment that I realized fully, for the first time that magick was real, and I had the power to write my own story!

I knew I was meant to live in my most authentic expression, and that I was destined to share this wisdom with the world!

It was then that I discovered the Elements, Shadow Work, Divination, the Law of Attraction, and the Wheel of the Year, and began to transform my journal into a self-development tool.

I realized that alllll of the spiritual practices, mindset hacks and alternative lifestyle ideas I’d picked up along my journey were the perfect combination of tools to build a thriving life and career…

And I’d finally come up withit into a cohesive system that actually worked… and I wanted everyone to have access to this life changing combination!

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And now, through my podcastYoutube channel and online school, Alchemy of Affluence Academy, I’m sharing this life changing wisdom with YOU!

Are you a witch (or witchy-curious) but don’t resonate with the beliefs and traditions of most other witches?

It’s my mission to show drifting dreamers like you how to use seasons, elements and journaling prompts to manifest your most fulfilling life… And to help inspire seasoned magickians to rediscover their confidence in their intuition and craft their own unique spiritual path.

…Because I believe your “fairytale ending” is not a pipe dream, but a premonition of the life you’re meant to have when you step into your magick!

If you’re ready to step into your power, awaken your magick, and learn how to align your goals with the natural rhythms of the Universal Clock, you’ve come to the right place!

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To get started, I’d love to invite you to to join me for a free guided journaling adventure to supercharge your core values and core desires with the power of the Elements and Seasons!

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