Winter Solstice Mulled Wine ( And DIY Book Of Shadows Recipe Page)

DIY Printable Recipe Page For Your Grimoire Or Book Of Shadows And Winter Solstice Wine

The Winter Solstice season is the perfect time of year for cozy kitchen witch crafts! Lets make a printable recipe page together!

In this video, I invite you to come along with me for a magickal witchy winter day as I make mulled wine and write down the recipe on my printable recipe page.

This DIY grimoire recipe page doesn’t need to be done exactly the same way I did it, and neither does the mulled wine recipe! Feel free to use your intuition for the ingredients!

If you would like to use the same pages I did, you can either get an instant download of the printable sheets I’ve designed, or you can have me print them for you and send them to you.

Winter Solstice Yule Writing Paper Large Color
Winter Solstice paper pack available HERE.

This Winter Solstice themed paper pack is specially designed by me, using vintage illustrations, but edited to include diversity.

Looking for more magickal ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice season?

If so, I invite you to join me for this fun, empowering guided journaling adventure for Yuletide:

Winter Solstice / Yule Course

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