The Five Elements Of Fulfillment (Podcast Episode 97)

The Five Elements Of Fulfillment


You may be familiar with the magickal concept of working with the Elements to evoke balance and fulfillment…

But for even those of us who are very fluent practitioners of spirituality and magick can sometimes feel a bit lost in trying to fully integrate the concept of the elements into our daily lives – Especially in a way that actually helps us to feel more fullfilled.

In this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, my friend Abby Spindelman and I are grounding down the elemental concepts into their core essential meanings, specifically as it pertains to the true goal we all have – experiencing, freedom, flow, and fulfillment in our lives.

We’ve boiled down the message of each of these puzzle pieces for a fulfilling life into simple key words that will help you to get into (and stay in) alignment with your core values and core desired feelings no matter what challenges life throws at you.

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