13 Ways To Manifest Your Best Life During Quarantine (Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast Episode 74)

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Due to the covid-19 coronavirus, so many people are learning to adjust their daily routine to self quarantine.

Some are wondering how to make money online or how the law of attraction works during a world crisis.

This video provides some witchy tips including:

  • how to craft your witchy morning routine to stay high vibe
  • using a guided meditation to balance your energy
  • catching up on witchy podcasts
  • manifesting with a book of shadows or witch journal
  • … and even more pagan witchcraft life hacks.

Resources Mentioned

Get your handcrafted journal and writing wand

Gala Darling’s EFT Tapping Videos

Alchemy Of Affluence Guided Meditations

Chakra Girl Guided Meditations

Manifestation Babe Guided Meditations

Love Your Life Bitch Guided Meditation

Alchemy Of Affluence Academy Manifesting Courses



The Sexually Liberated Woman Pocast

Manifestation Babe Podcast

The Glow Life Podcast

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Get a Human Design Reading With Ardelia Lee

Get a Soul Of Your Business Reading With Kristen Jett

Get an Astrology Reading With Zoe Hind

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