Be The Leader Of Your Own Life (Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast Episode 71)

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Do you ever feel like life is just happening TO you?


Like, you’re trying to make things work, but it’s like your power is being kept away from you somehow?


Here’s how to reclaim your natural power and reframe the story of your life from a truly empowered place. A powerful witch knows that the best way to create her desired reality is to take a leadership role in her life.
This podcast episode is an interview with Flora Ware,  a dream igniter, Sacred Business Coach, and Ceremonial Priestess. As a Leadership Mentor, she helps women hear their soul’s voice, awaken the Goddess within, and align their life and work with their unique feminine power. Flora is deeply connected to her pagan Celtic ancestral and spiritual roots, having been on the path as a practicing witch since her first full moon women’s circle in 1993. Currently, Flora is apprenticing in the Avalonian priestess lineage with the 13 Moon Mystery School.
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