Fill Your Own Cauldron First With Laura Daligan (Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast 45)

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Meet Laura Daligan, one of the very first witches I looked to as a teacher many years ago when I was first finding my witchy path!


She’s a fine art painter, tarot reader and witchy teacher immersed in the magick of all things art, witchcraft, nature, faerie, sacred landscapes, celtic & norse deity, animals, dragons and fire!


Today we’re talking about:


How the witchcraft path has helped so many of us to see that being a creative and sensitive person is a strength, not a weakness.


How discovering your magick doesn’t change you so much as it gives you space to be more of who you already are.


The importance of staying connected to your art form or intuitive gift, rather than letting yourself get swept away in the busy-ness of business on a creative entrepreneurial path.


Striking a balance between creating what we think we want to make, vs waiting for spirit to channel a meaningful project through us.


How spiritual healers and girl bosses tend to give give to their clients and audience and forget to allow themselves to receive.


The magick of pursuing a gothic romance with Money.


The power of NOT forgetting that you, as a witch, have the power to simply ask, and you shall receive.


Why you should be channeling dragon energy.



Come sit for a spell with us!


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Connect With Today’s Guest

You’ve always daydreamed about living out your very own fairytale, and these days, social media is actually starting to make it look more possible than ever… But between all the Pinterest info-graphics, witchy tik tok videos and weekly astrology forecasts, you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of spiritual overwhelm!


Everywhere you look, someone is claiming to have the secret to manifesting your wildest dreams, but which one will actually work for YOU?


The fact is, each of us needs to learn how to harness the laws of the Universe hands-on, and design our own unique self-development path based on our OWN Highest Truth! Our desires are not pipe dreams about a life we’re never meant to have… They are PREMONITIONS of what’s to come when we step into our true magick…


All you need is an EASY, realistic view of how the Universal laws work, so that you can seamlessly integrate them into your everyday life and manifest everything you could ever desire…


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I invite you to join me in Alchemy of Affluence Academy, where you will receive all the tools you need to identify your highest desires, connect with your inner Magician, and transform your biggest perceived weaknesses into your greatest super powers using traditional witchcraft practices and universal laws to manifest your ideal lifestyle in real life!


It’s a hands on experience harnessing the Universal Laws, including:


  • The Law Of Attraction

  • Aligning your intention with the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit
  • “Birthing” your desires into reality via the Law Of Gender (divine masculine and divine feminine energy)
  • How to connect with your own inner guidance system so that you’re easily making every decision in direct alignment with your deepest desires and highest purpose.
  • And how to plant, tend and harvest your goals via the lunar and solar cycles.

Most importantly, you don’t just learn about these concepts in some vague, cryptic sense.

You you get to experience in real time how these concepts are directly responsible for your everyday life and how to use them as tools for manifesting your ideal lifestyle.


The ultimate goal of the Affluence Alchemist to identify your BIGGEST desires, understand what’s held you back from fulfillment in the past, and how to use this univeral wisdom to reclaim the power that’s already inside of you!


If you already have specific goals in mind, you can start applying them to your studies from day 1. Or if you’re not entirely sure what your goals and purpose are right now, the courses will help you discover them and start living by them whole-heartedly!! It’s finally time for your “spiritual” path and your life goals to join forces to create real, tangible fulfillment in your everyday experience!


learn more

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