Balancing Masculine And Feminine Energy With Hayley Tapper (Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast Episode 43)

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Meet Hayley Tapper, a Manifesting and Lifestyle expert, your go-to girl for slaying with soul, and the founder of Hayley Tapper Co., a company on a mission to change the spiritual status quo, from crunchy granola, to unapologetic wealth.

Hayley believes that the combination of feminine woo, and masculine assertiveness, creates the energetic magnetism to live a life by design!

After creating a successful online business and manifesting her dream lifestyle, Hayley has inspired thousands of women around the world to slay with soul and create the life and business they dream of.
Her clients have quit their jobs, created 6-figure businesses, traveled around the world, called in dream relationships, manifested huge media opportunities, and more!


In this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, we’re talking about:


How sometimes the best boss babe success stories are born out of simply not wanting to be told what to do.


Hayley’s “Slay With Soul” method to balance masculine and feminine energy in your manifesting journey.


How money is an energy that allows us to be more of what we’re meant to be. When you make more money, you can help more people. The income you’re earning is directly related to the impact you’re having.


Debunking the belief that the only way to make more money is to work harder.


Authenticity over perfection when showing up online.


Hayley’s “man-ifesting” love magick ritual using crystals.


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Using the Sun and Moon as my guide, I’m always learning more about how to plant, tend, and harvest my goals! I’ve used my own unique combination of Elemental Alchemy, Seasonal Manifesting, Shadow Work, Light Work, Tarot, and Journaling to manifest everything I’m now thankful for in my life!


And now, I’ve articulated this method into a formula to share with you!


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