Money Mindset Wisdom I Learned From A Cat…


This is my familiar, Mowgli.

…Isn’t he cute?

In the late summer, I noticed his back left paw starting to swell up. I thought it was just a bee sting or a minor irritation or infection, and I thought it would be okay to give it some time to clear up on its own…

But it didn’t clear up. It kept growing, and last month, I decided it was time to stop being a cheapskate about vet bills and took him in to be examined… And thank goodness I did. It turned out, what he had was a tumor… And although I was able to keep it together at the doctor’s office, as soon as another money trigger happened that day, I had a COMPLETE meltdown.

Not only was I upset that my cat was either going to die, or need a major surgery… but I was also overwhelmed with guilt and shame about my money mindset triggers.

Money mindset has been a Huge focus of mine for the past few years, and I’ve grown leaps and bounds since the starving artist years… but there are always more layers of it to work through as I uplevel my mindset, my energy and my lifestyle.

You see, in recent years, I’ve learned to invest in myself, my business, and things I feel will make things easier, more stable and more productive in the future… but I hadn’t processed the fact that one of the BIGGEST reasons to have a goal of manifesting financial abundance is to invest it into CARE for our loved ones.


I mean, what even is the point of working on creating a fulfilling Wealthy, Wise Witch lifestyle for yourself without it also creating the stability and resources to pour love and support into those who you’re meant to share that success with? If that’s not what we’re really working for at the end of the day, what is??

My cats are a huge part of my life… I guess as a modern career-minded woman in her late 20’s, they are a stand-in for the children many women would have given birth to by the time they’re my age? A lot of my maternal energy goes to these little monsters of mine, and they are constantly teaching me how to be better, stronger, more compassionate and wiser versions of myself.

In the process of navigating through the diagnosis and treatment plan for Mowgli, I have experienced a complete “Hero’s Journey.” I’ve gone through alllll of the feels that come along with the human experience, and it has been INTENSE…

This week, Mowgli has had his leg amputated, as he is still fairly young and full of life force energy! The doc says the cancer was of a type that is only locally aggressive, so this surgery should allow for my little dude to live out a healthy, fulfilling number of years ahead as the cutest little tripod the world has ever seen.

Everything about my relationship with this cat has been one groundbreaking download of wisdom after another, ever since I took him in back in 2015. Through the joys and the challenges, I am immensely thankful for the blessing of having this powerful little creature in my life as a spiritual companion.

8 cat

I know I’ll be continuing to impart more and more layers of wisdom from this experience for years to come… but one thing I can give thanks for right now in the present moment is this:

This Autumn, Mowgli reminded me in a big way that, amidst alllll the lessons, ambitions, and experiences a Wealthy, Wise Witch faces, CONNECTION, COMPASSION and LOVE are the underlying core values that make this path worth it.

If someone had told me years (or even months) ago that I would have to unexpectedly drop multiple thousands of dollars one month on an emergency, when I wasn’t even entirely sure where all of the money for my bills was going to come from, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.

But when we have no other choice but to set our mind to being strong for the ones we love (while also staying committed to self care, so that we can pour for them from the full cup they deserve) it is INCREDIBLE how much strength, resourcefulness and out right MIRACLES can happen.

This month, I have wildly surpassed what I used to feel capable of, both in my business and personal life. A what’s most amazing about it is that it was AFTER the initial freakout – once I stepped into a state of acceptance of what needed to be done, and made peace with the fact that I had to find the confidence within myself to make the money happen – that the task actually began to feel easy.

It occurred to me that I already had EVERYTHING I needed to raise my income over the course of a moon cycle... All I needed to do was stop devoting energy to worrying, and start channeling all of my energy toward sharing the message I wanted to share with my kindred spirits… balanced with a HEALTHY abundance of self care, btw!

4 celtic moon

In times past, I would have tried to “think” my way through every part of the process, and probably would have found myself in a state of total fear, dread, helplessness and burn-out… And probably would have found myself engaging in the ugly old habit of feeling defeated and sourly browsing for “regular” jobs to make ends meet…

But thanks to alllll the inner and outer work I’ve been fully committed to for the past few years, I was able to navigate through this insanely challenging transition with the closest thing to grace, flow, and ease that I would imagine possible, considering the circumstances… That is a HUGE coming of age moment for me.

And this is exactly why I have devoted my life’s work to giving kindred spirits the headstart I didn’t have – sharing with them the shortcuts to reaching higher and higher levels of personal power without all the years of trial and error I had to go through.

This journey has been so insanely challenging, and so insanely rewarding, and thanks to my determination (and to the clients and mentors who are my companions along this path) I have manifested the money I needed to save my little man, and wildly upleveled the strength and backbone of my self and my business in the process.


Thank you so much to everyone who has been supportive in any way, shape or form during this time. You are the wind beneath my wings!

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