Casting A Glamour – How To Dress Like A Witch (Witchy Fashion Tips)

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*Update: Since doing this first “glamour spell” video, I’ve actually decided to launch a sustainable fashion line called “Glamour Spell,” where I shop for glam witchy finds in 2nd hand shops and clothing swaps, and curate outfits for you that are available for purchase! Some of the items in this post are now for sale, and I’ve gone back in and added links for you! Enjoy!


Casting a glamour is totally a real life part of witchcraft…

And no, you don’t need to be able to magically change your hair color with the wave of your hand, like Sarah did in The Craft.


There are many (real life) ways you can cast a glamour, but one of my favorite is simply choosing to dress for the life I want. Taking Inspired Action is one of the most important steps in manifesting, and being an artist and visual learner, it’s been very helpful for me to decide how I feel my ideal Wealthy, Wise Witch self would dress, and making my current wardrobe match up to that vision.

In this video, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Autumn fashion looks that are bringing in the Wealthy, Wise Witch vibes for me this season!

And below, I’m going into detail about how each piece is in alignment with my view of a successful witch. Hope this inspires you!


1: Witchy School Girl Outfit


This overall outfit composition is loosely inspired by The Craft.

The faux-leather jacket is one of my staple wardrobe pieces. It brings a little edge to any outfit, and is a cruelty-free alternative to leather. This one I got at Forever 21.

The sun and moon halter top speaks to my Inner Child. Growing up in the 90s and 00’s, celestial imagery was always a main inspiration for my artwork, especially the famous Mary Beth Zeitz painting that was always seen in the background of scenes from Charmed and Sabrina! This top I think I found at Macy’s.


The classic plaid mini skirt with thigh-high socks is a go-to look for me, because it conjures up images of the styles I was always obsessed with in the 90’s/00’s, but wasn’t cool enough to really rock. I usually collect vintage ones, but this one I found at Old Navy.

These pointed witchy combat boot type thingies were an epic thrift store find. I love thrifting, because not only is it super affordable (fake it till you make it, witch!) but it also fits right into my core value of re-using and recycling as much as possible.

2: Sophisticated Ouija Inspired Look


The overall composition of this outfit is inspired by something a classy, cool lady might have worn in the late 90s, but it’s also a callback to my sloppy emo years in the 00’s.


The T-Shirt, which I recently found online at Hot Topic resembles a Ouija board, but it says My Chemical Romance, which was my FAVORITE band when I was a teenager. Back then, I really didn’t know how to dress in a flattering way, and kind of just layered grungy gothic/punk/emo pieces together in a way that probably looked quite silly… (it definitely did). But now, as a classy grown up lady, I can actually dress appropriately for my age while still reppin’ the artists that inspired me in my youth… while also tying it all in together with my overall 90’s witch aesthetic.

The leopard print skirt (probably inspired by Posh Spice) was a thrift store find, and the shoes I grabbed from a shop called Second Chic, a local boutique that re-sells highly curated previously loved items.


3: Giant Vintage Tee Look


This one is less on the “classy” side and is more hard grunge.

Admittedly, I kind of have a soft spot for random weird vintage T-Shirts from thrift stores… Band shirts, movie shirts and favorite pop culture references (even if they happen to come in the form of a men’s XL) are my jam… And the more nerdy the reference, the better! Proud Pirates of the Caribbean fan right here! (I may or may not be in the process of trying to invent a divination tool as epic as Jack’s desire compass atm… more on that later.)


I actually have invented an amazing “Desire Compass” divination technique! Learn more about it HERE!

With something as potentially frumpy as a giant old Pirates t-shirt, I like to girly it up with bare legs or stockings. My rule of thumb for showing skin is to pick an area to show off, and put everything else away. So for example, when I’m showing this much leg, cleavage is a no-no, so the giant tee worked out well.


Because I’m not a total crazy person, I made the t-shirt dress outfit wardrobe-malfunction-proof by wearing shorts underneath. They were once a pair of destroyed denim jeans that I cut off, because I’m not big into pants. The classic combat boots are a staple in my wardrobe as well for those basic grunge days. These were purchased new, but I’ve had them for ages and have no idea where they came from.


4: Classic Grunge Witch


Not to be that person… but I was definitely rocking this classic grunge look “before it was cool.”

Back in my fashion blogging days in the late 00’s, I avidly watched 90s films and followed northern and eastern European fashion blogs that were leading the grunge revival wayyy before you could get stuff like this at Forever 21.

This look is what I consider my basic go-to grunge look from my college years, featuring mostly 2nd hand and up-cycled pieces. The riding boots were thrifted, as were the shorts, which used to be a weird pair of high-wasted jeans before I cut them and added reclaimed suede and studs.

The flannel was gifted to me by a friend at a clothing swap, and the army green jacket is another “before it was cool” piece. It’s a well-worn and well-loved family heir loom from the 80s. My mom calls it her “famous Jordache jacket.”

The new element here is the cat High Preistess t-shirt which I ordered from Black Craft Cult. Tarot and cats… How could I not?


5: A Shamelessly Kitschy Goth Look


This is like me as a pre-teen… IF I’d known how to dress.

I love these tights with stripes alternating between opaque and sheer, because it’s kind of a nod to the incredibly cheesy white and black striped tights I wore as a kid, only way less stupid looking lol! Not sure where I found these, but I generally collect interesting black stockings.

The gray pleated school girl skirt was a great thrift store find, and fits perfectly into what I call my “witch uniform” … My current goal in life is to collect pleated mini skirts in every color.

66fd0666e1e627326a608f9b3b859da8The jean jacket was something I got at Forever 21 AGES ago, and I never get tired of wearing it. Last year, I was watching Charmed for fashion inspiration, and saw Phoebe rocking a denim jacket with a leopard print collar, and I just had to re-create it! Using some up-cycled velvet from a thrifted shirt, I sewed on the leopard fur statement piece.

And the Jack Skellington shirt, cheesy as it may be, is just something I grabbed at Five Below recently. I was hesitant to get it, because Nightmare Before Christmas has been sooo over played in the past decade or more, to a point where it’s not even a “cult” classic anymore… but I figured what the heck? My Inner Child would rock it proudly, so so shall I!

6: Anime School Girl Meets Soft Grunge


Little known fact: I was an Anime freak in my teens.

Long before going to animation school and discovering that my art degree was useless, and then starting my own personal brand instead, I wanted to make cartoons! And Japanese animation was my jam!

Naturally, the enchanting mythological themes of shows like Cardcaptors (which inspired my interest in Tarot) and InuYasha made their way into my overall magical worldview, and so did the preppy Asian fashion!


This outfit combines my love of anime with my love of witchy school uniforms. Any time I wear a matching set of thigh-highs, pleated skirt, collared shirt and cardigan, it conjures up images of Harry Potter, The Craft, The Worst Witch and even Wednesday Adams, tie that in with Eastern school girl fashion, and it’s the best of both worlds for me!

Unlike most of the outfits featured in this video, this one is predominantly new pieces. Other than the cardigan, which I got in a clothing swap, and the white polo shirt, which was thrifted, everything else I’m wearing I purchased brand new. Although I’m all about being eco-friendly and reclaiming used items, I also think it’s sometimes important to treat yourself to fresh, new things. It’s a reminder that a Wealthy, Wise Witch has the option of getting exactly what she wants without feeling guilty about it.

The unicorn shirt is from H&M, the skirt is from Forever 21, and the sneakers are from Rebok.


It’s actually part of my witchy practice to update my wardrobe frequently.

I go through my clothing seasonally, and make note of which things still make me feel empowered, and which ones don’t… or which ones I would just rather pass along!

Anything that’s too worn out, doesn’t suit my current style, or hasn’t been used in forever has to go. I almost always have a donation box in my house where I toss things that aren’t in tune with my vibe anymore, and I periodically give them away.

Likewise, any time a staple piece gets worn out or doesn’t fit anymore, I make sure to replace it. And if there’s a statement piece I’ve been eyeing for a while, I make sure to treat myself to it, even if it means I need to save or it or add it to my schedule as a “reward” for all of the great work I’m doing for myself, my business and my community.

*And now (since I do just happen to LOVE shopping for, lightly wearing and then passing along 2nd hand pieces, any items that are in great condition that I’m not attached to, I list for sale here on my website!

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So, what is YOUR way of dressing like a Witch?

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