Wealthy Wise Witch Tip: Stay In Your Own Lane. (My Thoughts On Sephora’s “Witch Kit”)

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Lately, my social media has been blowing up over this silly “witch kit” product Sephora made…

Witches everywhere are freaking out because a mainstream brand is basically “cultural appropriating” the witchy lifestyle for profit.




*Since writing down my  thoughts on this subject, it’s been brought to my attention that shortly after making the announcement of the release of this product, it was canceled as a result of all the backlash it was getting from witches on social media… But the thoughts I’ve shared here are still relevant, because more this product is just part of a larger trend in society. 

While I agree that it’s cheesy, annoying and somewhat disrespectful, I also feel called to remind everyone that trends come and go, while the true heart of witchcraft is timeless.

Much like my 16-year-old ego wanted to be possessive and exclusive about my favorite emo bands, I can certainly understand the “I liked this first and you’re just a poser” feeling that this can trigger within us… But with the mature, wise, perspective of our Higher Selves, what exactly about this Sephora thing is REALLY so bothersome to us?


So many millennial witches idolize the movie The Craft, and credit it as inspiring them to find their true path…

But I’m sure some older practicing witches were outraged by it when it came out in the early 90s.

Same shit, different decade. But at the end of the day, main stream media ALWAYS jumps on the bandwagon of a powerful movement.

Some people will temporarily buy into it and then disregard it as trends continue to change.

Others may be inspired by the witch kit thingy to actually dig deeper and find their true path.

Some people will be triggered by it.

Others will sip their tea and chuckle and go on living their own truth.


Don’t get me wrong: I understand that there are layers and layers of reasons why people are rightfully offended…

And they are certainly entitled to their anger…

Geek Girl Tarot created a great blog post going into detail on the good, the bad and the ugly, so I won’t go into all of it here.

I’m just saying, as with all things, society is a mirror of what’s going on within all of us on a collective scale… so if you find yourself feeling triggered (or even if you don’t), perhaps let this be an invitation to do some non-judgmental self reflection on where exactly your reaction is coming from.

Be the true witch that you are, and let the deeper wisdom of that shadow be transmuted into light that you can compassionately share with the world.

Like, what legacy do YOU want your witchcraft to leave on society? Are you living that truth in your highest capacity? 

Just some food for thought ✨🌙✨

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