Self Love Astrology For Beginners With Magical Soul Bitches (Alchemy Of Affluence Episode 12)

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You probably know your zodiac sign and check your horoscope, but did you know that the stars can tell us a lot more about our personality than just the sun sign?

Learning your astrology chart is a step up from astrology 101.

Astrology gifts us with validation for our human emotions.

This podcast episode on astrology reading will give you some down to earth insight that goes beyond astrology for beginners.  I’m chatting with Nikki Brocco, head bitch in charge at Magical Soul Bitches!

We’re discussing how feeling into your emotions and having an inquisitive attitude are the natural “gateway drugs” into spirituality and magic,  and how we believe that astrology has very deep messages in it for the soul seeker. We’re sharing some epic wisdom on how you can harness that power in your own life.

In this episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I interview Nikki Brocco, the astrology witch behind Magical Soul Bitches on Instagram. Her social media posts are good to follow for astrology for beginners because she links our emotions to the energy of the planets. We’re talking about seeking validation and why we need validation from the universe on our spiritual journey.

Come sit for a spell with us!


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