Awaken The Goddess Within With Flora Ware (Podcast Episode 9)

Awaken The Goddess Within (Podcast With Flora Ware)

Every woman has the power to awaken the goddess within.

We can do this by learning to own our power, gaining personal strength and teaming up with aligned companions to maximize our fulfillment together.

I invite you to join me and my friend Flora Ware for a discussion on how women can empower themselves by owning our divine feminine energy.

She’s telling her story of inner goddess awakening. In her online community, Awaken The Goddess Within, she’s guiding hundreds of women to rediscover their true divine feminine energy divine feminine. Flora went to her first women’s circle as a child, and is now a huge advocate for circle medicine and circle facilitation. We’re also talking about her views on goddess worship and the fae witchcraft.

Awaken The Goddess Within (Podcast With Flora Ware)

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