Self Love Rituals With Sistah Don (Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast Episode 8)

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In this week’s episode of The Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast, I’m chatting with witchy wild woman, Sistah Don!

We’re shining light on what it’s like to come from a highly religious family when your career path is a public display of witchcraft, sensuality and sex positivity.

We’re talking about a whole other level of self-love… a practice which Sistah Don shamelessly calls Self-Worship. Grab a bottle of sultry red wine, and join us for this juicy discussion!

his episode of the Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast is an interview with Witch and burlesque dancer, Sistah Don. She’s a broom closet witch who juggles her Christian family with her full time career as a magick dance ritual performer. Broom closet witchcraft is the art of expressing oneself as a magickal practitioner while keeping one’s spiritual practices a secret from certain jugdemental people. Sistah Don is big on showing others how to practice self love. We’re chatting about self love tips, self worth, and how to let go of shame. We’re also touching upon sex magick, crafting your own ritual dance, and divine feminine energy.


Come sit for a spell with us!


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