Running A Witchy Business In The Broom Closet With The Cackling Moon (Podcast Episode 2)

Running A Witchy Business In The Broom Closet - Yes, it's possible!

Are you desiring to start a witchy business, but you’re still in the broom closet?

Well don’t let that stop you!

What if I told you there are successful biz witches who are still not fully out of the closet about their craft?

In this podcast interview, I’m chatting with Rose (The Cackling Moon), an intuitive tarot reader who started off doing free readings on Tumblr and has now quit her 9-5 to read professionally!

We’re also shed light on the struggle of having people in your life who don’t understand your magickal path, leading a double-life with one foot in the broom closet and the other on the broom.

We’re also talking about quality over quantity when it comes to growing your social media following.

Running A Witchy Business In The Broom Closet (Yes, it's possible!) - Podcast with The Cackling Moon
Alchemy Of Affluence Podcast Episode 2

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