Herbal Prosperity Spell to Charge your Morning Coffee or Tea


Here’s a little Witchy Tip I picked up for giving yourself a little energetic boost in the morning!

Being an entrepreneur and running my business from home, often times, its easy to get distracted. I’m my own boss, so I don’t have anybody there to slap me on the wrist for dilly-dallying on Pinterest, or jumping from craft to craft when I should be focused on my most important task of the day… Which is usually about fulfilling GypsyWytch Diaries orders for my lovely clients, so staying on the ball is an absolute must!

I haven’t always been a huge coffee drinker; in fact, I actually prefer weak coffee or tea in the morning, and I don’t think its really the caffeine that “wakes me up.” I think for me, it’s more the psychological aspect of infusing hot water with herbs and the intention to start my morning off right… And what better way to do that than to turn your morning drink into an actual little ritual?


For this simple spell, you will need…

Your choice of coffee grounds or tea bag and…

  • allspice – for energy, determination, money and luck.
  • nutmeg – for luck, money, and clarity.
  • cinnamon – for money and happiness.
  • cloves – for money, luck, and connections. -or-
  • pumpkin pie spice – contains the above spices.


All of the above spices are usually associated with the Sun, the fire element, and the masculine polarity, which is the energy of action and determination. Adding these spices to my morning brew is especially helpful because I naturally have a tendency toward the more creative, spiritual, feminine side of things, which is great for getting inspired, but can be tricky to balance out when it’s time to get sh!t done!


Really, all you need to do is select your herbs and grind them up with a mortar and pestle (or a bowl and the bottom of a mug if you don’t have this tool in your collection.) While you’re crushing your herbs, try to grind them down in a clockwise motion, which promotes forward moving energy. Relax into this little task, and keep your mind focused on being productive, or begin envisioning yourself completing your tasks efficiently for the day. If you do this daily or weekly, you may even find yourself coming up with an incantation to say over your herbs each time! This practice helps you to shift your mindset into the mode of productivity!


Now all that’s left to do is brew it up! These herbs are strong, so you really only need a pinch. If you made a lot of this mixture, just toss it into a jar to use each morning. If you have a busy schedule, you’ll probably want to make this ahead and store it. Rather than go through the whole grinding ritual every morning, I like to shake my jar of pre-ground herbs while repeating my mantra before scooping some out to brew my drink.

Either sprinkle a bit of the mixture into your coffee filter with your coffee grounds, or carefully tear a hole in your teabag and add it in, then tie it back with the string of the tea bag. Just add hot water, stay focused as you sip your drink, and enjoy the rest of your day in a productive, centered way!


Check out my Witch’s Kitchen board on Pinterest for more of these types of tips!

Best wishes on all your creative endeavors!

Blessed be and Namaste!


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