Home Blessing Spell to Attract Purity and Abundance into Your House

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Every House Has an Energetic Memory

    I’ve lived in over 20 different places in my life, and one thing I’ve picked up on is that every dwelling has an energy to it.

The experience you have there will likely depend somewhat on the lingering energy of what’s taken place there in the past… As well as any old beliefs about domestic matters which you may be holding onto from past living situations.

If you want to actively create a peaceful environment for yourself, its important to cleanse the space and infuse it with your own power of intention.

Download your printable jar labels in the any color HERE.

Energy clearing and intention setting are wonderful practices, whether you’re in a new home or if you’d like to spruce up the energy of a home you’ve lived in for a while!

In the spring of 2014, I tried a new energy clearing technique, and have been carrying on the tradition everywhere I’ve moved since then: Its the Four Corners Home Blessing Spell, which I learned from my friend, Paula at Blessings By Nature.

Paula is an herbalist, who I met that years ago when she did a presentation at Her Story Boutique. She’s full of awesome tips for space clearing, fong shui, and herbal blessings.

When she shared this home blessing ritual idea, I ran right home and tried it out. Does it work? Well, considering how much growth and prosperity I experienced in that apartment, I’d have to say yes! As with all rituals and spells, though, it depends heavily on your own power of intention, so keep that in mind as you explore the magick of plants, herbs, and words!


This is my personal spin on this spell, as Paula’s only calls for rice and salt.

It’s perfect for those of you who are new to herbalism, because sea salt and dry white rice can be purchased in any grocery store, and you probably already have some lying around your home anyway.

If you’re feeling like branching out, or if you’re already collecting or growing herbs like I am, feel free to supplement this recipe with whichever herbs hold meaning for you.

I chose lavender and sage, because they’re easy to find and are very powerful and fragrant!


The process is extremely simple: literally all you have to do is combine these four ingredients in four clear glass vessels (I used clean pasta sauce jars lol!), and place them in the four corners of your home.

To take it a step further, though, I like to infuse the herbs with my power of intent by running my fingers through them as I repeat (in thought, or aloud) a mantra of abundance and purity.


Of course, as a writer and illustrator, I had to get all artsy about it and create fancy labels for the jars. It’s really nice to have these images and words visible when I happen to be spending time in a corner of my home. It reminds me of my intention to live a life of peace and abundance, and smelling the fragrant herbs helps to perpetuate that intent by triggering the subconscious mind into a peaceful state.

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You can download jar labels in your favorite color HERE.

Keep these open vessels in your home for as long as the energy continues to feel fresh and positive.

Some people like to change the contents out at each full or new moon, or on each of the eight checkpoints on the Wheel of the Year.

Paula and I tend to replace the contents of our jars when the energy in our homes begins to feel “funky.”

Use your intuition, its always right!

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When it comes time to throw away the old mixture, give it back to mother earth by simply pouring it onto the ground in your garden or at a park. The Earth will take back these natural materials and recycle it into new neutral energy. If you plan to dispose of the mixture somewhere where plants are growing, just make sure you use epsom salt rather than any other kind of salt so that you’re helping the plants rather than harming them.


I loved this herbal wisdom from Paula so much that I decided to pick her brain for more ideas in this interview!

I hope you’ll try this herbal home blessing, and enjoy prosperity, peace, and abundance in this coming season!

Would you like to use my incantation jar labels for your spell too? Well you’re in luck! I’ve created a printable version of it that you can download in your favorite color! I’ve also included a larger sheet that you can put inside your book of shadows!

Get yours HERE.

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Until next time,
Blessed be and Namaste!

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17 thoughts on “Home Blessing Spell to Attract Purity and Abundance into Your House

  1. This is great and so perfect! I am doing a temporary move with my family the first weekend in February for about 6 months. I am feeling negative about the transition but I can use this as a tool to move forward with good intentions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. I just have one question. As far as the spell is concerned, do you have to place the herbs in specific places? For instance, which one goes north or does it really matter which one is there?

    1. So glad this was helpful to you! Totally go with your own intuition about which herbs to put where (or even which herbs to use). I used a mix of all of them in each jar. But remember, your own intuition will not steer you wrong šŸ™‚

      1. Hi there My name is Dee
        My husband and I are new to our gifts. He cast spells and I do reading and spells. Is there anything that you can help us with to make us empower ourselves.

  3. Will this still be effective if the glass jars have lids? Iā€™m worried about my cat knocking them over.

  4. I really need something like this. My husband passed away in July after years of illness (early onset Alzheimer’s). Through those years I tried to keep up with clearing the energy in my home with smudging but as the disease progressed and my exhausted sadness grew it became impossible for me. I’ve been advised that my husband’s spirit insists I must clear out the old energy and create a good flow so I can find my way back to myself and grow. Would this be appropriate after a good cleansing and smudge or do you have any advice for me on how to proceed? Thank you!

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