DIY Nature Offering: Decorative Wildlife Feeder

This time of year, when the days are growing shorter and colder, its all about gratitude for the “harvest,” both the harvest of food and of the metaphorical seeds we’ve sown for ourselves during the warm season.


This is a time in which humans and animals alike are preparing for the harsher times of winter, collecting what we will need to enjoy comfort and stability during the dark half of the year. Birds and squirrels are out gathering food for their stash. What better way to honor nature and celebrate our own abundance than to share with the local wildlife!

In this visual tutorial, you’ll learn how I upcycled scrap materials to make this whimsical little wildlife feeder for my garden! I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

In what ways do you share the abundance of the harvest season with nature and those around you? Please share your traditions and new ideas in the comments below!

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